Silicone rubber moulds are used for the production of certain toffee, caramel, fondant, hard boiled candy and other more or less sticky products. The flexibility of the material ensures that nearly every product can be demoulded. The silicone rubber moulds are produced in accordance with our in-house developed production method and equipment.

Each mould consists of a polycarbonate frame with one, or more silicone rubber inserts. However, stand alone inserts are also available. Each inserts has a corrosion free metal, aluminium or polycarbonate frame that will be fully covered with silicone rubber.
The frame and insert/inserts are attached via plastic pins for easy operation, and smooth surface. Alternatively we can offer a bolts and nuts combination. Whatever you select, you will have a unique custom made solution that will last for a long period.

We are using the best quality food approved rubber to make the moulds durable, flexible and strong. The frame size can vary from 175 x 135 mm up to 800 x 400 mm. The silicone rubber can hold temperatures between minus 50 and plus 180 degrees Celsius.

Wall thickness can be varied depending on your product requirements, which makes the cavity either more flexible or more rigid. Different scales of hardness (shore) of the silicone rubber can be applied to get the best results for your products.

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